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  • Privacy statement

    Swisscanto Vested Benefits Foundation of the Cantonal Banks (VBF) attaches great importance to its customers' privacy and privacy rights. This also applies to the handling of personal data. The following provides detailed information on the collection and further processing of personal data.

    "Processing" of personal data entails all handling of data, e.g. the collection, storage, keeping, use, modification, disclosure, archiving, deletion/erasure or destruction of data. The term "personal data" refers to data that relates to a specific or identifiable person, i.e. inferences may be drawn as regards their identity on the basis of the data itself or in combination with certain additional data. In the following, the term "personal data" is used synonymously with "data". "Sensitive personal data" is a category of personal data that is more strictly regulated under data protection law. Sensitive personal data includes, for example, health data, data revealing racial and ethnic origin, information on religious or ideological convictions, biometric data for identification purposes or information on trade union membership.

    "Swisscanto VBF in its capacity as data controller" processes personal data when interested parties, customers or other persons (together referred to as "data subjects") apply for and/or utilize services or products and make use of Swisscanto VBF's "online services". This privacy statement forms the basis for processing personal data within the scope of Swisscanto VBF's various business activities. In addition to providing this privacy statement, Swisscanto VBF informs data subjects of any business-specific data processing in its declarations of consent, declarations of release, General Regulation Provisions, Standard Terms of Insurance, General Terms and Conditions and in its forms. In doing so, Swisscanto VBF ensures that all data subjects are informed promptly and appropriately of any data processing, even in cases where their own personal data is not collected.

    This privacy statement is designed to comply with the requirements of the Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection ("FADP") and the EU's General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR"). Whether and to what extent these laws are applicable depends on the specific individual case.

    Swisscanto VBF in its capacity as data controller

    Within the scope of the services it provides, the following foundation is responsible for the data processing described in the privacy statement – together with Helvetia Swiss Insurance Company Ltd, Dufourstrasse 40, 9001 St. Gallen, Switzerland, in its capacity as manager of the foundation – unless provided for otherwise, e.g. in forms, in the Standard Terms of Insurance, General Terms and Conditions or in contracts:

    • Swisscanto Vested Benefits Foundation of the Cantonal Banks, c/o Helvetia Swiss Life Insurance Company Ltd., St. Alban Anlage 26, 4052 Basel, Switzerland

    The privacy statement may contain references to third parties with whom Swisscanto VBF collaborates and who, in turn, may be responsible for data processing. Data subjects may contact these third parties directly if they have any questions regarding the exercise of rights. A list of recipients who may receive data for processing purposes or may independently be controllers of personal data processing can be found in the "List of recipients and countries".

    General information on data privacy

    Special information on data privacy

    In relation to specific business transactions or instances of data processing, Swisscanto VBF provides information in its "Special information on data privacy" regarding the persons responsible, the collection and processing of personal data, data categories, purposes, retention periods, the passing on of data, data security, the rights of data subjects, and changes.

    Data subject rights

    Provided certain requirements are met, the applicable data protection laws grant data subjects certain rights, e.g. the right to request information on the personal data Swisscanto VBF is processing, to object to processing in particular circumstances or to lodge a complaint with the authorities.

    If data subjects wish to exercise the above rights, they may do so by contacting the relevant data controller. For central points of contact, please refer to section "Contact details for data protection concerns".

    Data subjects also have these rights in relation to other, independently responsible, entities with whom Swisscanto VBF collaborates and should contact these entities directly when wanting to exercise their rights in relation to data processing performed by them. Data subjects will find details of Swisscanto VBF's key business partners and service providers in the "List of recipients and countries".

    Data subjects must be aware that conditions, exceptions and restrictions apply in relation to these rights under the applicable data protection legislation. In particular, Swisscanto VBF may have to continue processing and storing personal data in order to fulfil a contract, safeguard its own legitimate interests, such as to enforce, exercise or defend its legal rights, or to comply with its statutory obligations. To the extent permissible by law, in particular to protect the rights and freedoms of other data subjects and safeguard legitimate interests, Swisscanto VBF may entirely or partially reject a data subject's request (e.g. by redacting certain content relating to third parties or business secrets). In such cases, Swisscanto VBF will inform the data subject separately.

    Data processing in connection with websites and online services

    In connection with websites, online services and other offers, Swisscanto VBF processes data primarily for the purpose of responding to contacts initiated by customers. In addition, data is also processed for the purpose of improvement and optimization, operation and security as well as the preservation of evidence in connection with the websites, online services and other offers. Moreover, data is also used to make individual offers, for the purposes of marketing, market research and for statistical evaluations, such as customer surveys following the use of the online services. In all other cases, express reference is made to other purposes when the data is being collected.

    "Swisscanto VBF in its capacity as data controller" is responsible for websites, online services and other offers that are clearly recognizable as belonging to Swisscanto VBF and where nothing else is specified.

    Swisscanto VBF's websites and online services may contain links to other providers' websites and online services (e.g. within the scope of what are known as social plugins), to which the present privacy statement does not apply. The respective privacy statements of the other providers apply in such cases.

    Data subjects may visit Swisscanto VBF's websites anonymously; in such cases metadata – e.g. browser, device type, duration of interaction, type of interaction, Swisscanto VBF web pages visited and IP address – is recorded. This metadata can be correlated with other data kept by Swisscanto VBF (e.g. regarding newsletter subscribers or distribution lists). Service providers who are contractually bound to Swisscanto VBF and other third parties in Switzerland or abroad are involved in processing this data. For further information on this, please refer to the "List of recipients and countries" and the "Cookie settings". Individual "Cookie settings" and the desired browser configurations can also be made there.

    Personal data is processed to the extent that it is provided when using the online services (e.g. via a contact form).

    Data exchanged over the Internet is often transmitted via third countries. Website content can be transmitted via servers around the world in order to optimize the performance and security of the websites. Data may therefore be transferred abroad even if the sender and recipient are located in the same country.

    The data transmitted to Swisscanto VBF via Swisscanto VBF websites is transferred in an encrypted format. However, Swisscanto VBF is not liable for any damage that may arise from the loss or manipulation of data. Visitors to the websites must ensure that their own systems are secured at all times by an appropriate means of protection (e.g. anti-virus software) and that their own systems and browsers are up to date.

    Contractually bound service providers and other third parties in Switzerland or abroad are used in the operation of "communication, online services and other offers". For further information on this, please refer to the "List of recipients and countries".

    Additional notes


    Swisscanto VBF reserves the right to amend this privacy statement at any time without notice. The current published version or the version for the corresponding time period applies. This privacy statement has been published in various different languages. If the content differs between these languages, the German version takes precedence.