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    Swisscanto VBF solutions

    Your cantonal bank pension advisor will be happy to provide you with further information on our solutions.

    Generally, your pension fund credit remains in a so-called "pension cycle", which means that the money cannot be paid out into your private account. Instead, it is transferred to your next employer’s pension fund.

    Good to know
    • If you are insured by a new pension fund, by law you must transfer the credit from your vested benefits account to your new pension fund to the greatest extent possible.
    • In contrast to pension funds, vested benefits foundations often allow for you to invest your money in retirement funds in order to increase your income – this is the case for the Swisscanto Vested Benefits Foundation and its "Investment Saving" product.
    • Inform your foundation directly if you change your place of residence.

    Securities savings with the Swisscanto VBF